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We are excited to bring you great deals on quality merchandise at highly competitive prices. We are proudly supplying resellers of all sizes at a highly discounted wholesale prices on closeouts, customer returns and overstocks from country's largest stores.

Most of our customers are resellers selling online, at discount stores, flea markets, wholesale and even international brokers and exporters. You will greatly benefit from the many direct and preferable relationships we have forged over the years with major distributors and manufacturers which allows us to acquire great merchandise at incredible prices.

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Variety of Products.

Wholesale Consumer Electronics lots will contain, flat screen TVs, electronic accessories, computers, laptops, consumer electronics, appliances and more.

Top brand name wholesale clothing and apparel at fraction of its value. Choose wholesale clothing overstock, shelf pulls and customer returns. You also may find pre-worn and customer return mixed bins of apparel and much more.

Wholesale Tools and Hardware from well known brands and hardware stores. We price majority of our wholesale hardware, industrial equipment and tool lots as a percentage of their wholesale value.

Wholesale Cosmetics and overstock makeup direct from manufacturers, Wholesale shoes and many more products.

Most items are from US department stores and are available in bins, pallets, loads, or truckloads and range from few hundred dollars for bins to couple hundred thousand dollars for truckloads.

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Feel free to contact us for more information, please include as much detail as possible such as quantities, time frame, item descriptions etc.

We can supply top brand-name merchandise from Closeouts, Wholesale Products, Liquidation, Store Returns, Overstock, and salvage merchandise. No matter what you are looking for – chances are we can provide you great prices for individual items, mixed lots, pallets, truckloads or even whole shipping containers.


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